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May 17th 2024

Dogstival’s Mission to be the greenest Dog Festival

Hold on to your leads, dog lovers! This year, it’s not just about the best day out for your furry friends – it’s also about saving the planet! Dogstival, crowned ‘Best Pet Day Out in the UK,’ in 2023 by The Animal Star Awards is set to become one of the nation’s most sustainable festivals. Aiming to slash their CO2 emissions in half, we are pulling out all the eco-friendly stops to ensure this year’s event is their greenest yet. Green Paws on Deck Dogstival has always been a frontrunner in celebrating our canine companions, but this year, they’re stepping up our game to protect our planet. We are on a mission to halve our CO2 emissions. How? By integrating cutting-edge renewable technology, including solar and wind power, to energise the event. This innovative approach not only powers the festival’s numerous attractions but does so in a way that drastically reduces its carbon footprint.

That’s not all, we have banned single-use plastics. The backup generators, a necessity for any large-scale event, will run on eco-friendly biofuel, reducing emissions by a whopping 74%. These are not just incremental changes; they’re transformative actions that set a new standard for environmental responsibility in the festival scene.

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