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May 9th 2024

Easy Peasy Puppy Training from The Family Dog Club

Put your puppy on the right training path…..

Easy Peasy Puppy training is a revolutionary online puppy training school, that not only teaches you what/how/why/where and when to train your puppy, but also teaches you the owner all about the foundations of puppy behaviour.

Getting your puppy trained early and correctly is of course really important, but there’s so much more involved.

Our aim was to bring the series to life for you to enjoy, with the added bonus of having trainers and a behaviourist available to help you on your journey.

For a small amount each month, you can rest assured you are heading on the right path, with everything needed to have a perfect family puppy all in one place.

We love training new owners, and getting the whole family involved, so as well as the daily training plans you can request, we also have a training plan for children, as well as ideas for things they can design and make for your puppy and their enrichment.

You will also learn how to:

·      Toilet Train your puppy 

·      Stop your puppy biting 

·      Start to leave your puppy 

·      Teach them to walk nicely on the lead

·      Stop them jumping up 

·      Play with your puppy 

·      Socialise your puppy 

·      Build confidence in your puppy  

·      Read dogs body language 

·      Recognise behaviour issues early on 

·      Establish what personality type your puppy has

·      Recognise signs your puppy in worried/anxious/stressed

 Find out more about their Easy Peasy training here

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