A few reasons to join the pack

Hello, thanks for thinking about joining the fun at Dogstival in June.

We are Domine & Richard from Lighthouse, a marketing and events consultancy based in Lymington with over 25 years of marketing and events experience. As well as delivering marketing campaigns for a number of UK wide businesses, we also run the Lymington Seafood Festival which has entertained around 55,000 foodies over the past six years.

Our aim is to create an unrivalled event experience for visitors and participants alike. By signing some of the best dog show acts in the UK, creating fun activities to try and working with canine experts who can pass on their knowledge to everyone attending.

Hampshire and the New Forest is one of the highest dog ownership regions in the UK. Join us and gain access for your brand or product to the thousands attending, plus considerable awareness to the wider dog owner community through targeted marketing.

The event will be supported through a full integrated marketing campaign and commercial partnerships.

We aim to showcase top national brands as well as the smaller independent suppliers and our stand and ticket prices are competitive, we want retailers to do well, and join us next year.

Every business that joins us gets a little spot on our website and a social post to our 20k+ friends. In return, we send you a couple of creative infographics for you to post on your social media or pop in a newsletter, that way it becomes more of a partnership.

Our stand rates are based on frontage per metre. If you need extra depth, park your vehicle behind or camp behind your stand, that’s fine with us.

If you’re bringing something pretty cool, or need a bit of extra display frontage we’re not going to nit-pick over a bit more space.

We charge extra for power and it’s based on your needs. 

For the consumer, unlike other events or festivals, once someone has bought a ticket that’s it. We won’t be asking people to pay for additional things on top. That mean’s consumers have a bit more money to spend with you.

If you would like to join the pack and are interested in exhibiting, sponsoring or raising your charities profile for Dogstival 2022 then we would love to hear from you.

For stallholder, sponsorship and general enquiries

Domine info@dogstival.co.uk

Or give us a call on the dog and bone 01590 676644



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