Posted: 6th Jul

The benefits of pet ownership for health and wellbeing are well-documented, and more and more dogs are becoming our everyday heroes. Spending time with your pet can help lift moods and offer consistency in uncertain times. Dogs are helping to reduce loneliness and lower anxiety levels; they provide daily structure for people whose days may lack fulfilment.  Exercise and being outdoors even if just in the garden has been a key message, particularly over the last few months, with dogs playing their part in giving people a purpose to get out and about for regular walks. They receive big screen debuts and regularly feature on our TV screens from winning talent shows, to performing rescues on mountain tops or out at sea, all this combined with their ever insistence on cuddles and affection with unconditional loyalty has given them their well-deserved title of Man Best Friend.

Dogs do come with a certain amount of unwanted mess and sometimes an element of untimely fun and this is not without its frustration. Muddy paws straight in from the back garden, well-worn doggie tracks up and down your prize lawn as they alert you to the fact the neighbours cat has just rested on dads newly roofed shed. Their inherent need to dig holes often to hide the shoe that they are sure you had meant to give them before you left for the shops. The winter months can bring additional challenges as the weather changes and heavy rainfall makes areas of the lawn no go areas as they become boggy and form unwelcome puddles. Which is why many dog owners are opting for the ease of an artificial lawn. 

Nothing takes the edge of a much-deserved weekend with family and friends than a long list of jobs for the garden stretching before you on a Friday night. Mowing the lawn avoiding the trench Shep dug during lockdown, filling in the aforementioned holes, sprinkling seeds to fill in bald patches and the repeated trips to the outdoor tap to fill up the watering can and attend to burnt patches (also created by man’s best friend).

The UK leading artificial grass company Namgrass are nuts about mutts and among their large selection of grasses they have created “Barking” an artificial grass developed with theneeds of dog owners in mind. The grass is designed, developed and manufactured exclusively by Namgrass with great attention to detail and a terrier tenacity towards quality.

Barking grass is formulated using yarn that increases durability and is perfect to withstand the pounding and high usage that four excited paws brings. Pups cannot dig through this tough turf and doggy mess is no bother, just simply hose off, allowing you long lazy weekends with no maintenance just quality time with family, friends and of course …your pooch.

Namgrass will be attending Dogstival on 5th and 6th September!



Pure Happiness

Such a great day out, pure happiness throughout the place and such fun activities for the dogs!, can’t wait for next year

Dogstival 2020

Abbie Conn


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