Posted: 6th Oct

Take Part in a Virtual Dog Show to Raise Funds For Dog Charities In Need Our tails are wagging to announce that we’re supporting Bark Aid - banding (or should we say barking) with other tail-wagging buisnesses to raise money for charities in need.

We’ve had another crazy year with the pandemic. Not only has it been detrimental to our health, but it’s had a profound impact within society. The charity sector is no exception, and many dog charities who support our canine companions, have been through the thick of it, and are still working hard to come out the other side. To lend a helping paw in raising the crucial funds needed for charities, we’re teaming up with Dog Furiendly, Burns Pet Nutrition, Animal Friends Insurance and other dog related businesses to put on BIG online dog show called Bark Aid.

So what is a online dog show I hear you woof? It’s a photo competition where you can upload photos of your dog in a series of fun categories! Everyone who enters the competition will have the chance to win rosettes and prizes for their pooch! We’re sponsoring some categories where you can have the chance to win some great prizes, including tickets to Dogstival.

There’s over 12 tail-wagging categories in total including ‘Fabulous Fella’ (best male dog), ‘Gorgeous Girl’ (best female dog), Best Rescue, Golden Oldie (dog’s over the age of 8) and so much more.

It costs £2 to enter and all proceeds go to supporting the three charities involved including, Wild At Heart Foundation who aim to end the suffering of stray dogs all over the world, Thin Blue Paw who protect, celebrate and rehabilitate both serving and retired police dogs and Greenacres Animal Rescue, a small rescue centre in Pembrokeshire who rescue dogs across the UK.

The virtual dog show is open from now until the 11th October and you can enter here:

We can’t wait to see all your show-stopping pooches! To enter the Bark Aid virtual dog show and for more information visit 


Pure Happiness

Such a great day out, pure happiness throughout the place and such fun activities for the dogs!, can’t wait for next year

Dogstival 2020

Abbie Conn


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