Posted: 24th Feb

We at Country Pooch love getting out to explore the local area with our fabulous dog walking crew and have found many fantastic walks on our mini adventures. We have provided a list of some our favourites and hope you enjoy them as much as we do:


Emer Bog/Baddesley Common – Limited parking available near Emer farm along green lane. This is a fabulous walk comprising of open fields and a board walk. As the name suggests, throughout winter the area does become more saturated and there are bog areas, however there is plenty of space to walk around to avoid this. There is a small herd of horses that roam the area so be warned that you may come across them during your walk. We like to park near Emer Farm and take the left-hand pathway directly to Emer bog. You will then come to a gate which provides you access to open fields which are great for some zoomies. Sticking to the left and going through a metal kissing gate, follow the edge of the next field and you will eventually arrive at the boardwalk. This takes you through a beautiful canopy of trees as well as over the bog. Once you have completed the board walk, follow the fence line round to the right to end up back at the metal kissing gate to return. The whole walk is roughly an hour or so and is just wonderful for dogs as there is so much to explore and see.

Test way – Parking is available along Ridge Lane just before you go over the river bridge or at The Cromwell Arms, depending on which direction you decided to take. If starting on Ridge Lane, walk back along Ridge Lane until you reach Moorcourt farm entrance and proceed through wooden kissing gate. You can now walk along the edge of the field line giving you stunning views across rolling fields. As you walk keep left along the main footpath, this is well sign posted to keep you on the right track. You will also see a great view of the back of Broadlands House as you walk. The route comes out upon the dual carriageway into Romsey just a short way from the Cromwell Arms which is a great excuse to stop for refreshments before turning back. This route is approx two hours in total including the return journey.

Fishlake Nature Reserve – Parking available in layby almost opposite Belbins Ind Est. You will see a signpost from the road down directing down a gravel track, follow this and you will end up on the canal path. This walk is great in the summer months and dogs can enjoy a splash in the canal. There are even wooden steps for your pooch to get easy access in and out of the water. When you first get to the canal path you will walk across the bridge, go through the wooden gate directly in front of you and this will take you along the nature reserve down towards the river test. A nature lovers walk as this path is full of butterflies, birds, flowers and trees. If you follow this path you will come out onto Greatbridge Road which if you keep left and continue straight will eventually take you into Romsey. If you reverse your path when you have finished along the nature reserve and return to the canal bridge where you started, you can turn left and enjoy a stunning walk along the canal path all the way to the Plaza Theatre in Romsey. Back to the canal bridge and choosing the righthand path will take you to some open fields where your dog can enjoy some off lead zoomies before returning. This walk can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the route taken.

Casbrook Common, Timsbury – Parking is available in the main layby through Timsbury along Stockbridge Road where there is usually a delicious burger van where you can purchase refreshments. Once parked walk towards the small church and turn right down Heron Lane. Continue all the way along the lane and you will discover a footpath at the top. The footpath is fairly short and will bring you out to a sort of T junction, take a right and this will open up to Casbrook Common. A great walk where dogs can enjoy some delightful off lead time. Lots of bushes and long grass for dogs to run and play in as well as getting noses stimulated for some great enrichment. Casbrook has a good deal of open space as well as some pathways, so you are generally able to see any oncoming walkers. Follow the hedge line to loop round before returning to the footpath to leisurely stroll back to your car. This walk is around an hour but again depending on how much fun you have at the common this can last as long as you like!

We hope you get out and discover some new walks around Romsey. There are plenty of other walks we enjoy, and we hope to share some of these with you soon. If you visit any of the above, please let us know if you enjoyed them or even send us some pics as we love to see owners and their pooches getting out and about in the local area.

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