Posted: 9th May

loved my adventures at Dogstival in 2021, and so did my willing sidekick, Arty. But there are a few rules of the road you might want to bear in mind before you hit the arena. Here are my top tips for your Dogstival day out: 

  • Keep it cool - It was baking hot at last year's Dogstival and so the queue for the K9 splash pool was packed all day. Get in there early this year, as we're hoping it'll be another scorching weekend!
  • Lead the way - Keeping your dog on the lead is essential for ensuring they don't get lost among the pack. Bring a spare just in case you lose one, too. 
  • Let them sniff - Did you know letting your dog sniff is good for their mental health? While you might be desperate to get to the churros stand or to see the excellent speakers on stage, be sure to let your dog move at their pace. If there's a blade of grass that needs some attention, let them follow their nose.
  • Take a break - There's a lot of stimulation for both you and your dog at Dogstival, so don't forget to take a break from the fun occasionally to relax. Find a quiet spot to sit down, and to help your dog relax, bring some familiar treats along and scatter them on the ground for them to sniff out, or get a chew like a pizzle or salmon skin braid and let them have a chew. Sniffing and chewing are naturally calming activities for dogs and will help keep their excitement levels at bay.
  • Pick it up - We all know it's essential to pick up the poo when we're on our dog walks, and it's no different at Dogstival. There will be waste bins all over the site, so don't forget your poo bags and help keep the beautiful Broadlands Estate (and all our shoes) clean. 

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