Posted: 9th May

As Dogstivals’ new sponsor, you’re probably wondering what it is that we do and what we offer to our furry, four legged customers. This article will give you an idea of the different ranges we provide and what they include.

At Paleo Ridge, our main goal is to promote healthy dogs. Health begins with diet and we believe, through years of studies and practices, raw dog food supports optimum health for your dog. Feeding an all-natural, species appropriate diet can have incredible benefits. If you are new to the world of raw, check out our other blog, An Introduction to Raw Feeding.

We offer a variety of different meals across four different ranges.



Our Classic range is 80/10/10 (80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal) following the prey model. This formula offers optimum canine nutrition to keep your dog’s performing at their best. There is absolutely nothing else added to these meals. The mince is chunky, giving your dog something they can really get their teeth into. There are many different varieties in this range: including lamb, tripe, beef, rabbit, turkey, fish and duck! Most of these meals come in 1kg packs except for the Venison and Duck and the Puppy Weaning Paste. These come in 500g packs.

The Classic range is suitable for dogs of all ages starting from 8 weeks old. We would always recommend starting with this range when switching your dog over to raw for the first time. Any product containing tripe is ideal as tripe helps to rebalance the gut and get the digestive system used to the raw diet. Tripe is incredibly nutritious, read more about the benefits.

Classic Mini

Our Classic Mini range is the same as our Classic range, just in 250g pouches. These pouches are perfect for smaller dogs and cats! Most small dogs will take a long time to get through the 1kg packs, so these are extremely convenient.

They are still a chunky mince and are 80/10/10. The flavours we offer are:


Paleo Plus

Our Paleo Plus range has been carefully formulated using the very latest scientific and nutritional research.

Much like the Classic range, these meals contain 10% bone and 10% offal. However, we have included a 5% unique blend of sustainably sourced natural superfoods. This mix offers an extra immune boost for your dog through the added antioxidant superfoods. Check out the full list of ingredients of the Berry Good mix.

The Paleo Plus products are a chunky mine and come in 500g packs. The flavours we offer are:

We also sell our superfood mix on its own which you can add into the Classic range:


This range is suitable for dogs of all ages starting from 8 weeks old. Our Special Diet product has been specially formulated for dogs with kidney issues, this is due to it being low fat, low purine and low phosphorous.



Whether you want to give your dog a treat or make your own recipes, our versatile DIY range of complementary raw food has been designed to help with your specific needs. We ensure all our meats, bones and offal are human-grade and ethically sourced, to keep your dogs performing at their best.

Our other ranges are all complete meals whereas our DIY items are complementary. Some like to give their dogs a bone as a treat and others like to make their own complete meals.

Some of these products are not suitable for puppies, mostly due to the size of the bones however, all products are suitable for adults and seniors. You can check what your pup can have by clicking on the product. The items we offer are:


As you can see, there are a lot of products to choose from! Every ingredient we source is ethical, sustainable and of the highest quality. It’s so important for us to provide your dogs with the best food to ensure they are thriving!

If you would like any more information on the products we supply, please do get in touch and our customer support team will be more than happy to help:

Email: info@paleoridge.co.uk

Phone: 02394210800


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