Posted: 3rd May

Why is pet insurance important, Go Get It Pet Insurance Comparison Site

There’s a lot we can learn from dogs and cats. They live for the moment. They’re adventurous and bold. And they’ll fearlessly bound off into the unknown at a moment’s notice. But having such a lust for life also means they can get into any number of scrapes and it’s sometimes not until you’re faced with a pricey vet bill that you realise just how essential having dog or cat insurance can be.

It’s likely your pet will get injured at least once in their lifetime, and veterinary treatment doesn’t come cheap. According to figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI), insurers paid out an average of £2 million per day to pet owners in 2017 and £2.2 million per day in 2018.

To give you an idea of how much treatments for dogs and cats can cost, consider this: the cost of having a lump removed can set you back £650+; treatment for gastroenteritis is around £480; and treating a wound can cost up to £400. However, if you’re looking at something more serious, like a torn knee ligament, the bill could be £1,200. If your pet needs an MRI scan, that can cost around £3,000.

If that doesn’t convince you to compare pet insurance quotes, have a look at the stats.It’s estimated that around 30% of pets need to see a vet for some kind of treatment each year. With older pets that figure is closer to 80%. Even the most energetic of hounds is more likely to fall ill than have an accident.Add the fact that veterinary fees are currently rising faster than inflation and you can see why so many owners take out insurance for their dogs and cats.

Based on PFMA data, over 68% of dogs and 84% of cats are now estimated to be uninsured, with dogs up from 66% and cats remaining similar since 2017.

It’s true that insurance is a gamble. Your dog or cat may never need expensive vet treatment and you may never need to make a claim, however accidents can happen (as the figures show) and for many doting dog and cat owners, it’s all about having peace of mind.

Why use a comparison website to compare pet insurance?

First up, they’re convenient and saves you time. Buying any kind of insurance can be complicated but with just a few clicks, you can compare multiple pet insurance quotes without the need to trawl through dozens of individual websites.

Comparison websites make the process easy and help you find the best deal for your circumstances. Plus, by creating an account and saving your details, you only have to enter your information once.

Secondly, comparison websites give you access to a wide range of products. Offering an independent, unbiased comparison of providers, they allow you to compare dog and cat insurance from multiple providers in one, handy place. Comparison sites do the legwork for you, selecting the most reliable providers and highlighting what makes each product unique.

Finally, the service is free and helps you find the right cover at the right price. Often including lesser-known insurers, comparison websites may find you a deal that saves you a significant amount of money.

Tips on getting a pet insurance quote through a pet comparison website


  1. It’s important not to focus solely on price as the cheapest premium might not necessarily offer the best cover for your needs.


  1. There are lots of different levels of dog, puppy, cat and kitten insurance, each with its own benefits. Different pets have different needs and a comparison website can help you find the right level of cover for you.


  1. Make sure you check the excess you’ll need to pay should you have to make a claim. The price difference between a policy with a £100 excess and a policy with a £200 excess could be as little as 50p.


  1. If your dog or cat has a pre-existing/ long-term condition, or is an older pet it may not be covered in a policy of insurance (or may only be covered in lifetime policies) and can be pricier. Using a comparison website will help you identify policies with no upper age limit, and you can check for extra contribution costs in the small print.

It’s also worth remembering that routine vaccinations, check-ups, spaying and neutering are not usually covered by pet insurance. And if your pet misses a routine vaccination and becomes ill, your policy may become invalid.

How to find a good deal on pet insurance

Every dog and cat is different, so it’s important to find the right level of cover for your four-legged friend. And if you have more than one pet, our multi-pet insurance can save you money and make it easier to manage cover for all your four-legged loved ones.

The best way to know you’re getting a good deal is to compare dog and cat insurance quotes through a reliable pet insurance comparison website.

At Go Get it, we compare dog and cat insurance quotes from a range of leading insurance providers to help you find the right level of cover. To get a dog or cat insurance quote now please visit Go Get it

From Great Danes and Golden Retrievers to Maine Coons and Moggies, man’s four legged companions will always have a lust for life. But by taking out quality dog and cat insurance you can make sure they’re protected, whatever the future brings.










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