Posted: 9th May

Butternut Box challenges Dogstival visitors to take a bite out of their fresh dog food, serving up Chow Down Chicken Bao Buns and Beef It Up Tacos!!! 

Butternut Box is bringing the first ever food truck serving humans dog food.

Using the same ingredients and cooking process as in their dog food, Butternut Box will serve fresh meals to humans of all ages - the only difference being that the meals were prepped in a regular kitchen, rather than a pet-food kitchen. Their Beef It Up dog food recipe was prepared in taco shells topped with cheddar cheese and sour cream, while their Chow Down Chicken meals were served in Bao Buns garnished with rocket salad and sriracha mayo.

Christy McCormick, Head of Brand and Creative at Butternut Box, says: “We wanted to prove our fresh dog food is just as high-quality as it says on the packaging, and there’s no better way of doing that than putting our dog food where our mouths are.”

At Butternut Box, we genuinely care about dogs, their humans, and making sure they get the best service possible. 'Good enough for the dog' is not good enough. Dogs deserve better. We've taken dog food out of the bin bag aisle and replaced it with freshly prepared, perfectly portioned meals, delivered to our customers' doors. 

It all started with a dog who couldn’t stop farting, called Rudie, and two friends who wanted to build a company that delivers health and happiness, called Kev and
Dave. When Dave’s family rescued Rudie after she’d been abandoned, she was in a really bad way. After months of vet visits, they began to think Rudie’s diet could be the problem.

They started to cook her meals from scratch - sourcing and gently cooking healthy ingredients, and developing the perfect recipe. In just weeks, Rudie’s well-being transformed. When Dave told Kev about Rudie’s recovery, they went to their local supermarket, stood in the dog food section alongside the bin liners and bleach, and decided that the four-legged family members of the world deserved better - and in March 2016, Butternut Box was born.

Come and meet the team at this year's Dogstival and take the test yourself... dog food so good you could eat it yourself! Wooftastic 


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