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There are lots of things in life that don’t make sense - like why is there an expiration date on ‘sour’ cream? - but we don’t think the law should be one of them. 

We’re able to help you with anything that requires the services of a solicitor. And we promise you friendly, straightforward, jargon-free advice.

As Dogstival sponsors it’ll be no surprise to learn that we’re a firm of dog lovers.  Pictured below is Belinda Hunter who works in our family team with her Yorkshire Terrier, Woody. Woody might be seven years old, but he still loves long walks and recently joined Belinda on a 10km charity walk for St Michael’s Hospice.

Belinda has made provision for Woody in her Will, naming the person who will look after him when she’s not there. It’s a really simple thing to do and worth considering for your peace of mind. Dogs are family, after all…

If you want any advice about making a Will or amending an existing Will, you can call 02380 218000 or visit our website:

We will donate £20 to Support Dogs for every Will we write (or amend) for anyone who attends Dogstival within 8 weeks of the event. 


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What A Fantastic Festival

What a fantastic festival this was. Very well organised and so much to see and do with your dog. Great fun.
Will definitely be going back next year.
Thank you

Tracy Ritchie


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