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Support Dogs is a registered national charity dedicated to increasing independence and quality of life for people with various medical conditions. We provide, train and support specialist assistance dogs to achieve this.

At Support Dogs, we are dedicated to improving life for the people who most need us by training and providing life-changing support dogs. From keeping children calm and safe, to alerting their owners prior to an oncoming epileptic seizure, from raising the alarm in emergencies to helping open doors and get dressed in the morning, our support dogs transform the lives of their families. 

Our specially trained support dogs transform the lives of their families. We run three programmes: autism assistance for children, disability assistance for adults and seizure alert programme for people with epilepsy, we are the only organisation in the UK that trains dogs to do this specialist work,

Over 4500 people across the UK asked for our support in 2019.  We provide all our services entirely free of charge to all our beneficiaries and as we receive no government funding we must raise over £21,000 to train one support dog and £2,000 each year to support this life-changing partnership.

Everything we do as a charity is underpinned by our values and dedication to improve not only people’s lives but the lives of dogs. We feel there are many dogs that are without loving homes, but have huge potential to become support dogs. We are champions for dogs who need a second chance. We source many dogs from rescue centres, council pounds or our pet dogs that sadly their current owners are no longer able to look after. In fact one in four of our support dogs join us in training from this background. As a charity, we do not shy away from dogs that may be classed as difficult and therefore left without a home, as we know from experience that given the correct training, a good home and care these dogs can become fantastic assistance dogs.


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Dogstival 2020

We absolutely loved your show! The whole weekend was seamless and had such a great atmosphere. A big thanks to the Dogstival team as well for the professionalism throughout and friendly nature witnessed. Thanks again for the opportunity and look forward to working with you next year.


Stallholder Simon K9 Crew


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