Dog House Stage

The Dog House Stage is where you’ll be treated to talks and demo’s on all things canine health, behaviour and wellbeing. We’re delighted to again be partnering with TV Vet Dr Scott Miller, resident ITV’s This Morning and star of his very own Vet on the Hill show and leading behaviourist Natalie Light. Full schdule below...

New for 2021 Dogstival will have our very own ‘demonstration kitchen’ with leading ‘canine gourmet chefs’ cooking up a range of doggy delights……but also explaining what exactly is goes into making the stuff we see on our supermarket shelves.

Meet Dr Scott Miller

Meet Dr Scott Miller

We welcome back Vet Dr Scott, who’ll be heading up our hugely popular Dog House Stage. He’ll be Joined by special guests from the world of canine healthcare and nutrition, who’ll be giving talks and demo’s giving you tips and advice on keeping your pooch in top shape. 

Whether it’s the importance of exercise, basic canine first aid or taking care of their health from puppy to their senior years. As Dogstival is kicking off the summer and the ‘great staycation’ with dog-lovers taking to the roads for weekend breaks, festivals or trips further afield we’ll be give advice on keeping your pooches ‘match fit’ in the warmer months along with the health benefits of getting them to have fun in the water. 

Dr Scott Miller is a leading Vet with two practices in London. He’s the resident Vet on ITV’s This Morning and has a broadcasting career that spans Vet on the Hill, plus a regular across other networks both here and globally. He’s also a bit of a dish too!

About Nat Light

About Nat Light

As our lead behaviourist, ‘Nat’ will be leading the Stage and covering everything from those first ‘puppy months’ to more advanced training demonstrations. Using her understanding, knowledge and practical skills to confidently identify, manage and reinforce behaviours in order to have a safe and happy life with their dog.

She’s a member of the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) accredited Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist, an Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC) Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist and Animal Training Instructor and a full member of both the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians.

Also in the line-up….

Also in the line-up….

Rochelle Dunster is the founder of Vault Physiotherapy and our resident Physiotherapist at Dogstival so she will be on hand with demo’s & talks on the Dog House Stage.  

Whether your dog has had an injury but is not able to have surgery and requires treatment for tissue healing. Or, it could be an athletic dogs for injury prevention such as canicross or flyball. Of course, oldies need a bit of a helping hand with things such as arthritis.

If you have any questions or would like an initial musculoskeletal assessment of your dog head over to visit Rochelle on the day!....She’ll also be in our ‘Ask the Expert’ panel…..more on that later.

The Nutrition Kitchen

The Nutrition Kitchen

New for Dogstival is our Nutrition Kitchen. Do you know your kibble from a biscuit?!

Diet plays a huge role in our own health and wellbeing, so clearly it’s the same for our dogs too? We’re going to explore what goes into certain dog foods and discuss how different diets work for different breeds or ages.

We’ll look a the benefits of raw food, portion sizes, healthy treats…..and maybe how to cook a few naughty ones too!

Hampshire Fire & Rescue ‘Arson Task Force

Hampshire Fire & Rescue ‘Arson Task Force

We’ve the world champion Arson Task Force team who’ve have searched more than 1,700 potential crime scenes across Hampshire and other counties since they were first introduced in 2006. These visits have resulted in prison sentences totalling more than 500 years as the dogs are trained and licenced with Hampshire and Thames Valley Police.

The dogs work at speed to locate vapour from ignitable liquids with greater accuracy than the latest electronic field equipment. This work reduces the number of samples needed for forensic testing. They’ve previously showcased their skills to other fire and rescue services, police forces in Turkey and Afghanistan, and made appearances at Crufts

They’ll also be joined by the ‘USAR’ Disaster or Urban Search and Rescue Dogs are trained to search for live humans in various environments for a world first demonstration! 


  • 10.20am - 10.40am Rochelle Vault Physio x1
  • 11.00am - 11.30am Dr Scott Miller's Nose to Tail Healthcheck
  • 11.40am - 12noon Skinners Pet Food - Zoe Russell
  • 12.20pm - 12.40pm Nat Light - Canine Behaviourist
  • 1pm - 1.20pm Rochelle Vault Physio x 2
  • 1.40pm - 2pm Arson Task Force Fire & Rescue Team 
  • 2.20pm - 2.50pm Dr Scott Miller - Basic First Aid For Your Dog 
  • 3pm - 3.20pm Skinners Pet Food - Zoe Russell
  • 3.40pm - 4pm Nat Light - Canine Behaviourist
  • 4.10pm - 4.30pm Arson Task Force Fire & Rescue Team 


Pawfectly Executed

Great idea, well planned and perfectly executed. What a fabulous way to thank our four legged friends for taking such good care of us.

Anthony Peters, Mr


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