Have you heard of Hoopers?  Fancy growing your bond with your dog and working as part of a team? When not get your paws involved with Hoopers, run by the brilliant Canine Hoopers World team.

If you are wondering whether to try hoopers, why not? It’s great for all breeds and sizes and is low impact but burns energy. It strengthens your bond and gets your dog to listen to you. It will improve your dogs fitness and body condition. Here’s a little taster….


What a weekend!

What a fantastic weekend! Dogstival was a fantastic event for both dogs, their owners and dog lovers - 10x better than any other dog show. So much to see and do on the grounds, including competitions and fun activities you could try out with your dog on the day! Great stalls around the event, including food & drink, dog toys and other products, dog portraits, useful dog information e.g. vets and insurance and loads more... there were even stands that sold dog pizza and dog popcorn! Easily accessible location - with no traffic and great parking - which is always great for an event. In the current times, it was brilliantly socially distanced, with visitors, staff around the show and in the stalls all being careful and adhering to social distancing and other safety measures. Can't wait for next year's Dogstival!

Dogstival 2020

Rachael Rogers


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