Gun Dog Village

Being set in the heart of the New Forest once William the Conqueror’s ancient hunting ground gives Dogstival some pretty strong working dog credentials. And, judging by the numbers of bonkers spaniels, labs or terriers at Burley Park all loving our gundog challenges our new Gundog Village is going to be a great addition!

Award-winning Trainer and Gundog Aficionado Sam Thatcher

Award-winning Trainer and Gundog Aficionado Sam Thatcher

To ensure we’re fully ‘on the whistle’ we’ve enlisted award-winning trainer and Gundog aficionado Sam Thatcher. Sam has been competing Working Cocker Spaniels for five years and is always in the top awards. The bond between her and her dogs can be seen through the achievements over the years; from gaining 3rd and 4th at the Cocker Spaniel Championships 2018 and 2019, to gaining top Spaniel of the year at the BASC awards 2019

She’ll be accompanied by her pack of champion Strigidae Gundogs who have scooped more trophies than Bella our office sprocker’s had sausages….ok that last bit isn’t probably true.

Welcome To Our Gundog Village

Welcome To Our Gundog Village

Being in the heart of an ancient hunting ground, Dogstival needs to doff it’s lead to our canine working dog heritage. We’re delighted to be supported by Sporting Saint (insert URL) to give dogs of all breeds and sizes a chance to pit their canine wits against our scurries and challenges.

With a working test, along with junior handler competitions, why not see how your dog enjoys the thrill and fun from our Gundog Village…Here’s what to expect:

  1. Junior Handler
  2. Memory Retrieve
  3. Novice Retrieve
  4. Seen and Blind
  5. Short Fence
  6. Up & Over
  7. Working Test

Don’t worry, there won’t be any guns being fired or loud bangs as we know many dogs are sensitive

The Hamble and Hound Gundog Club

The Hamble and Hound Gundog Club

We’re grateful to the The Hamble and Hound Gundog Club who are running our Gundog Village. They promote education and awareness of Working Breeds and their purpose and hopefully enlighten people, especially young people, into the delight of owning a working dog. 

At Dogstival this year we will be on hand with training tips and all manner of other advice gained over many years of Gundog ownership.

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Amazing Day Out

Amazing day out! My dog had the best day, there was so much space we didn't feel like their paws were getting on top of each other. My dog was relaxed and enjoyed the whole day lots of great treats and every dog was so lovely they all got along great which was amazing! Great drinks and food for us pawrents too. Can't wait for next year

Nikkita Drake


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