Main Arena

It’s Showtime!

Our main arena will be jam-packed with entertainment for all the family. Hosted by Mark Collins from Wave 105 we’re excited to present...

Little Nippers, Terriers, Hawk & Lurcher Show

Little Nippers, Terriers, Hawk & Lurcher Show

The bonkers Phill Gibbons with his team are back by popular demand! There’s races between his prized hawks, crafty terriers and lightening lurchers. A totally interactive display sees the arena packed full of dogs chasing lure’s through tunnels or across jumps all set to Phill’s hilarious commentary and music.

Hampshire Fire & Rescue ‘Arson Task Force

Hampshire Fire & Rescue ‘Arson Task Force

We’ve the world champion Arson Task Force team who’ve have searched more than 1,700 potential crime scenes across Hampshire and other counties since they were first introduced in 2006. These visits have resulted in prison sentences totalling more than 500 years as the dogs are trained and licenced with Hampshire and Thames Valley Police.

The dogs work at speed to locate vapour from ignitable liquids with greater accuracy than the latest electronic field equipment. This work reduces the number of samples needed for forensic testing. They’ve previously showcased their skills to other fire and rescue services, police forces in Turkey and Afghanistan, and made appearances at Crufts

They’ll also be joined by the ‘USAR’ Disaster or Urban Search and Rescue Dogs are trained to search for live humans in various environments for a world first demonstration! 

Sam Thatcher, Gundog Champion

Sam Thatcher, Gundog Champion

Dogstival also welcomes award winning gundog trainer Sam Thatcher. Hampshire born & breed, but now based on the Cotswolds, Sam along with her trusty Strigidae pack of champion spaniels will demonstrate the brilliance of working dogs and how their training can benefit all breeds or sizes.

Sam works with behavioural and obedience issues as well, giving the owners confidence to reach their goals. She’s competed in the Working Cocker Spaniels for five years and is always in the top awards. The bond between her and her dogs can be seen through the achievements over the years; from gaining 3rd and 4th at the Cocker Spaniel Championships 2018 and 2019, to gaining top Spaniel of the year at the BASC awards 2019.

You'll be able to see Sam's loveable Cockers working alongside her partner, Oliver Organ's, English Springer Spaniels in the Gundog Arena over the weekend.

The Pet Detective, Colin Butcher & Molly

The Pet Detective, Colin Butcher & Molly

We welcome the UK’s only private Pet Detective’s ‘Colin Butcher & Molly’ who’ll give an incredible insight on how they crack canine crimes!

Over the last decade the team that make up the Pet Detectives Agency, have led the investigation of crimes against animals and every year recover more stolen and missing cats and dogs than any of the police forces in the UK.

Chief Investigator Colin Butcher has been recovering stolen and missing pets for over twenty years and has a wealth of experience in the investigation of serious and major crimes that are often part of more complex investigations such as ransom demands, pet charity fraud and pet killings.

There’s More!

There’s More!

Plus, we’ll have TV Vet Dr Scott Miller back with his fun ‘canine heads and tails’ quiz at lunchtime with prizes, rosettes and smiles galore to be had!

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What a weekend!

What a fantastic weekend! Dogstival was a fantastic event for both dogs, their owners and dog lovers - 10x better than any other dog show. So much to see and do on the grounds, including competitions and fun activities you could try out with your dog on the day! Great stalls around the event, including food & drink, dog toys and other products, dog portraits, useful dog information e.g. vets and insurance and loads more... there were even stands that sold dog pizza and dog popcorn! Easily accessible location - with no traffic and great parking - which is always great for an event. In the current times, it was brilliantly socially distanced, with visitors, staff around the show and in the stalls all being careful and adhering to social distancing and other safety measures. Can't wait for next year's Dogstival!

Dogstival 2020

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