Meet the dogs at Dogstival

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Dogs

There are many wonderful dogs with jobs!! The Fire Investigation Search Dogs have searched more than 1,700 potential crime scenes across Hampshire and other counties since they were first introduced in 2006. These visits have resulted in prison sentences totalling more than 500 years as the dogs are trained and licenced with Hampshire and Thames Valley Police. The dogs work at speed to locate vapour from ignitable liquids with greater accuracy than the latest electronic field equipment. This work reduces the number of samples needed for forensic testing.The dogs have previously showcased their skills to other fire and rescue services, police forces in Turkey and Afghanistan, and made appearances at Crufts.

You can find out what the dogs are up to on their award-winning Twitter page (@HantsFireDogs) which has amassed an audience of nearly 9,000 loyal followers.

Don’t miss the chance to catch our Fire Investigation dogs – Millie, Harvey, Ruby and Hoodie – and our Urban Search and Rescue team dog, Harley.

Team Coldfeet

Team Coldfeet are a medium sized kennel of Siberian Huskies, that are raced, shown and well loved by the founders of Coldfeet Siberian Huskies – Pete, Karen and Hannah Jones.

They are based in Lincolnshire, England, many miles away from the snowy wastes of Alaska, which is where the breed were originally developed primarily for racing in the early years of the last century. However, despite the lack of snow, Team Coldfeet can still be seen throughout the winter doing what they love best – racing their dogs in harness all over the British Isles.

The 2017/2018 season was very successful for Team Coldfeet, Pete won the Siberian husky club of GB mushers championship in the six dog, two dog and veteran this includes a comeback win in the six dog at the most prestigious sled dog race in the UK which was held in Aviemore in January 2018. Karen was also successful winning the four dog mushers championship for the 4th year running. 

Watermill Wolves

Meet the Watermill Wolves. Take a journey into their wild world and discover more about their incredibly special pack.

The Watermill Wolves acting team have graced screen and print for many years, featuring in productions such as ‘Vikings’, ‘Ripper Street’ and ‘Penny Dreadful’, and in magazine features including ‘Vogue’ and ‘Marie Claire’. The Watermill Wolves acting team are a specially selected pack of wolfdogs – carefully bred for many generations to be the ‘best of both’ – to retain the natural poise, power and elegance of the wolf, combined with the best social and trainable temperaments.

Several generations of Watermill Wolves have called their Sussex Centre home – they live as part of the family, alongside humans and even other small dogs. For many years, under the guidance of their ‘mum’, behaviourist and trainer Natalie Lagstrom, they have taken part in a wide range of roles – from acting and modelling to conservation ambassadors and educators. Take a walk on the wild side and find out more about the Watermill Wolves

Eastleigh Working Newfoundlands

We are a small group of Newfoundland dog enthusiasts who train our dogs for a variety of activities, including  the traditional roles associated with Newfoundland dogs, namely water work and carting. Newfoundland dogs are exceptionally strong and in the past were used by traders as draft dogs, delivering food and other wares. Modern traffic conditions restrict this activity but throughout the country enthusiasts continue to refresh the skills associated with carting and engage in various tests and perform with their dogs in public demonstrations. Our group focuses on carting using lightweight carts to assist in easy manoeuvrability. For our demonstrations we have put together a number of exercises which actually involve a combination of traditional dog activities, such as recalls and retrieves, with their carting skills. 


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What a weekend!

What a fantastic weekend! Dogstival was a fantastic event for both dogs, their owners and dog lovers - 10x better than any other dog show. So much to see and do on the grounds, including competitions and fun activities you could try out with your dog on the day! Great stalls around the event, including food & drink, dog toys and other products, dog portraits, useful dog information e.g. vets and insurance and loads more... there were even stands that sold dog pizza and dog popcorn! Easily accessible location - with no traffic and great parking - which is always great for an event. In the current times, it was brilliantly socially distanced, with visitors, staff around the show and in the stalls all being careful and adhering to social distancing and other safety measures. Can't wait for next year's Dogstival!

Dogstival 2020

Rachael Rogers


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