The Skinners Field and Trial Village

Whether you're a pedigree gundog or bonkers cockapoo with boundless energy, you'll love our Skinners Field and Trial Village.

With bales to scale and dummys to retrieve there are loads of canine challenges to tackle. 

Welcome To Our Gundog Village

Welcome To Our Gundog Village

Dogstival celebrates all breeds and being on the edge of the New Forest, an ancient hunting ground we’ve doffed our canine caps to our working dog roots.

Home to six ‘have a go’ scurries it doesn’t matter whether you’re a pedigree lab or pug that loves a challenge! New for this year is our Water Retrieve so bring those swim suits!

With a working test, along with junior handler competitions, why not see how your dog enjoys the thrill and fun from our Gundog Village…Here’s what to expect:

  1. Junior Handler
  2. Memory Retrieve
  3. Novice Retrieve
  4. Seen and Blind
  5. Short Fence
  6. Up & Over
  7. Water Retrieve
  8. Working Test

Prizes & Masterclasses


Why not enter your dog in one of the ‘time trials’ for the scurry challenges?  There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place courtesy of Skinners Pet Care.

Dogstival also welcomes local gundog trainers and competitors Nicola Farmiloe and Sarah Winter who’ll be delivering a couple of masterclasses each day.

Don’t worry, there won’t be any guns being fired or loud bangs as we know many dogs are sensitive.

The Hamble and Hound Gundog Club

The Hamble and Hound Gundog Club

Hamble and Hound Gundog Club was formed by a group of people who own gundog breeds.  The majority of members work their dogs on various shoots around the country in the winter and then travel around to Country and Game Fairs countrywide to compete in scurries and working tests in the summer.   Over the last few years some of us have been training together with great trainers like Sam Thatcher and Annie Buckley.

The club name derives from the where the majority of us live and that is in the parishes of Hamble and Hound which encompasses the villages of Hamble-le-Rice and Netley Abbey in southern Hampshire.

We are dedicated to the welfare of all gundog breeds and also to the education of all dog owners and the general public into what these breeds are capable of both as a working dog and as a pet.  By this token we use the shows we run scurries at to encourage young people to have a go with a dog by lending our own dogs for their supervised us in our ‘Borrow a Dog’ scheme.

If you would like more information about Hamble and Hound Gundog Club then find us on Facebook and request to join our closed group.

At Dogstival this year we will be on hand with training tips and all manner of other advice gained over many years of Gundog ownership.

Skinners.. born to be outdoors

Skinners.. born to be outdoors

We are super excited that the Dogstival Gun Dog Village is supported by Skinner’s so if you are lucky enough to be a winner at one of the have a go area's you will be in for some treats from Skinners!

Skinner’s produce quality dog food for active and working dogs in Stradbroke, Suffolk. The family run business, along with The Mill, has been a part of the Skinner’s family for 7 generations.

With over 50 years of nutritional know-how, generations of working dogs have thrived on Skinner’s Field & Trial. Thanks to the extensive range which includes traditional dry foods, brand new grain free wet food recipes and treats perfect for training, there really is a diet and reward to suit every life stage and every lifestyle.

Not sure which diet will suit your dog? Their qualified team of canine nutritionists, are on hand to provide you with free, personalised advice. They also ensure everyone at Skinner’s stay up to date with all the latest scientific research, meaning the diets will continue to meet your dog’s nutritional needs.

For owners wanting to try their dry food, they offer samples to let you give your dog a taste test before you buy a bag, which also comes with free delivery! Don’t forget to check out the news section of their website to read their latest articles too!

Skinner’s – by your side, born to be outdoors.


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