Top Dawg Show Ring

Packed full of brilliant entertainment including Heal work to music, doggy line dancing, scent work demonstrations and of course, the Fun Dog Show

Fun Dog Show

Let’s face it, everyone thinks their dog rocks!

Join us for our fun dog show this year sponsored by Parker Bullen Solicitors. Very much aimed at the more humorous end of the scale and because every good story starts with a tail! Can you do a trick, are you looking festival ready or have you looked after your owner?! The Dogstival fun dog show is open to everyone and this year every entry gets a rosette.

  • Maximum of 15 entries per class
  • Please arrive at the TOP DAWG SHOW RING with your registration 15 minutes before the session




Team Crazelpup

Team Crazelpup

Led by the super impressive Jodie Forbes, a 24 year old dog trainer with 15 years training experience. She competes in agility, hoopers and freestyle to music, but has also dabbled in breed showing, disc dog, handling, flyball, obedience, scentwork, tracking and mantrailing.

In 2020 Jodie was awarded the Inspirational Young Person award at Crufts. She’s worked with hundreds of different dog, trained media dogs for brands such as Amazon, Land Rover and Stella McCartney and my border terriers have won eight first places at Crufts in multiple activities from 2011-2020 and performed internationally.

Multi-talented Jodie will be showing you how to teach your dogs a few tricks, in fact, she’s got more tricks than a wizard’s pocket!

Check the programme guide for live show timings!

The Pet Detective, Colin Butcher & Molly

The Pet Detective, Colin Butcher & Molly

We welcome back the UK’s only private Pet Detective’s ‘Colin Butcher & Molly’ who’ll give an incredible insight on how they crack canine crimes! This year, with a special addition and new recruit ‘Teal’ who was rescued from a traveller site, bringing a new ‘streetwise’ nose to crime busting operations.

Over the last decade the team that make up the Pet Detectives Agency, have led the investigation of crimes against animals and every year recover more stolen and missing cats and dogs than any of the police forces in the UK. From complex ransom demands to tracking down illegal puppy farms, the trio led by Colin Butcher, former Surrey police Detective Inspector.

The Pet Detectives will be demonstrating how Molly’s scent work starts to unlock a new case and her and Colin have developed a unique almost telepathic was of communicating. There’ll be inviting owners into the arena to see how their pooches ‘sniffing skills’ measure up!


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