Top Dawg Show Ring

For Dogstival 2021 we've created a new arena that will host our Fun Dog Show, a chance to meet rare breeds and special puppy behavioural sessions. Plus you can learn how to teach your dogs a few tricks that will be sure to impress their canine friends!

What To Expect?

What To Expect?

The Top Dawg Ring is all about having fun, being interactive with your dog, meeting rare breeds and learning about all things canine. Oh, and taking part in our Fun Dog Show!!

Hosted by dog trainer and Crufts Champion Jodie Forbes along with her ‘Team Crazelpup’, who’ll be focusing on tips for all those lockdown puppies and showing you how to teach your dogs a few fun tricks.

We’ve rare breeds joining us, including the Southern Leonberger Carting Group, the Eastleigh Newfoundlands, Huskies and all the way from Japan the Nihon Ken breed.

Put your paws together for...

Fun Dog Show

Fun Dog Show

Let’s face it, everyone thinks their dog rocks!

So, what better place to show off the best ‘botty wiggle’ or ‘cleverest trick’ when the crowd’s are watching and the pressure of our Fun Dog Show is in full swing?!

Staged in our new Top Dawg Show Ring, we’ll have categories for dogs of all breads and the scruffier or cheekier the better!

To enter your dog into one of the Fun Dog Show categories costs £5 and all the proceeds get split equally between our fantastic charities.

Show Categories are….

  1. Best Rescue
  2. Lockdown Puppy
  3. Child Handler
  4. Best Trick
  5. Dogs Who Look Like Their Owners (or a celeb?)
  6. Best Festival Dress
  7. Lockdown Hero
  8. Best In Show
Team Crazelpup

Team Crazelpup

Led by the super impressive Jodie Forbes, a 24 year old dog trainer with 15 years training experience. She competes in agility, hoopers and freestyle to music, but has also dabbled in breed showing, disc dog, handling, flyball, obedience, scentwork, tracking and mantrailing.

In 2020 Jodie was awarded the Inspirational Young Person award at Crufts. She’s worked with hundreds of different dog, trained media dogs for brands such as Amazon, Land Rover and Stella McCartney and my border terriers have won eight first places at Crufts in multiple activities from 2011-2020 and performed internationally.

Multi-talented Jodie will be showing you how to teach your dogs a few tricks, in fact, she’s got more tricks than a wizard’s pocket!

Check the programme guide for live show timings!

Fun Dog Show

There’s nothing better than a good old fashioned dog show but we think in these days of equality, that it’s more than just looking pretty or being from pedigree stock. Join us for our fun dog show with prizes for all across eight categories. Stay tuned for more!

Meet The Breeds

Meet the breeds… join the pack with the Watermill Wolves, Leonberger display team, Husky Team Cold Feet and Japanese rare breed Association of the Nihon Ken

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What a weekend!

What a fantastic weekend! Dogstival was a fantastic event for both dogs, their owners and dog lovers - 10x better than any other dog show. So much to see and do on the grounds, including competitions and fun activities you could try out with your dog on the day! Great stalls around the event, including food & drink, dog toys and other products, dog portraits, useful dog information e.g. vets and insurance and loads more... there were even stands that sold dog pizza and dog popcorn! Easily accessible location - with no traffic and great parking - which is always great for an event. In the current times, it was brilliantly socially distanced, with visitors, staff around the show and in the stalls all being careful and adhering to social distancing and other safety measures. Can't wait for next year's Dogstival!

Dogstival 2020

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