Animal Welfare

We want to make sure we’re
keeping everyone safe & happy.

  • Please ensure your dog(s) are transported in a safe and secure environment. Our dog loves hanging out of the window but it’s not ideal
  • Bring a water bottle with you. There will be water points around the event that will refilled regularly
  • Never leave your dog unattended in the car. Even if the weather might feel ok, it only takes a few minutes for the temperature to become dangerously hot. If we see any dogs locked or left in vehicles in unsuitable conditions, our staff may need to seek assistance to forcibly remove that dog from your vehicle
  • If you feel your dog(s) are suffering or are experiencing sudden health issues whilst at the event, please consult a member of our team or onsite vet immediatel
  • For humans, if you are feeling unwell, please find a member of the Dogstival team or head to the South Coast Medics tent located at the main event entrance
  • The show will be busy with lots of people and dogs, if that’s not the sort of place they enjoy or they are anxious, then consider whether a festival is right for your dog
  • Sorry dogs must be kept on their lead unless it’s in a designated area. These will be clearly signposted. If they are allowed to be off the lead, ensure they have a good level of recall…they must be under your supervision and control at all times
  • Bitches in season are not permitted to attend. In this instance we offer a refund or a ticket roll-over to the following year
  • Dogs should have a collar with a tag displaying their owner’s name and contact details. Ideally a phone number in case of emergencies
  • Please ensure your dog is up to date with any required vaccinations
  • If your dog is unwell or suffering with any medical conditions that may be passed onto other dog’s they should definitely not be attending
  • Keep an eye on the weather and make sure you and your dog are properly prepared for a day out. We’ll have plenty of places to relax or grab some shade
  • If you want your dog to take part in our ‘have a go activities’, it’s your responsibility to ensure they are fit and able enough
  • Please don’t force your dog to do things it doesn’t want to
  • Make sure you clean up after your dog. A given surely?!
  • Extendable dog leads aren’t a good idea. Everything gets tangled up. Short leads please
  • Anyone seen mistreating their dog or handling it poorly will be immediately asked to leave Dogstival. No dog will be allowed to participate if an inappropriate training device is being used. This includes electric shock collars, choke chains and spray collars
  • Be careful what you drop on the floor and in particular certain foods that are poisonous to dogs such as chocolate or onions
  • Please do not bring any glass onto the festival site
  • The welfare of your dog and their behaviour is your responsibility and they must not be left unattended at any time
  • If they have any special needs or requirements please consider that before coming along. Feel free to contact

Thank you! Dogstival HQ.