We’re doing our best to help the planet

We recognise that like more things in life, events have an impact on the environment so we’re trying our best to lower our carbon footprint. And as we’re in the heart of a national park we want to go that bit further.

Below are some of the ways Dogstival tries to be more sustainable and
create as little impact as possible. These include:

• Assessing the social, economic and environmental impact at the start of the planning process

• Including sustainability clauses in contracts with our suppliers like what is/isn’t allowed on site

• Reducing, reusing and recycling wherever possible. Our aim is to recycle
a minimum 60% of all our waste

• We’re seeing how solar and battery storage can take on some of our power needs on site

• Communicating electronically rather than by paper

• Minimising the impact of travel

• Thinking about the wellbeing of our suppliers, stallholders, staff and the local community


In order to reduce the need for and impact of travel, wherever possible we:
• Provide any accommodation within walking distance of the venue
• Get you off the road and parked quickly and efficiently

A dog sat inside a camper van with the wind blowing its ear.


We work with environmentally conscious and sustainable suppliers,
where possible who comply with our sustainability policy:
• That our main suppliers – power, staging, sanitation, bar providers – come from within a 30 mile radius of the event to reduce travel / carbon footprints
• The supplier will use energy and water as efficiently as possible
• The supplier will comply with the event organiser’s waste management requirements, including a recycling policy
• The supplier will comply with the event organiser’s sustainable catering requirements

A small dog with a hard hat on its head.

Food Retailers
Humans & Dogs

Our aim is to ensure 90% of our stallholders are from within a 50 mile radius of Burley to reduce travel and minimise carbon footprints. Additionally, we ask our catering suppliers as far as possible to:
• Serve fresh produce in season
• Consider produce meeting farm assurance standards, such as New Forest Marque, Red Tractor, LEAF Marque, DEFRA registered …..or equivalent
• Source food from their wholesale suppliers who share our values on sustainable production and limiting packaging
• We’ve banned single use plastics such as straws, cutlery or food containers
• Sell water and soft drinks in biodegradable or recyclable bottles

Dog friendly food at Dogstival festival.


Provide plenty of bins for recycling and general waste. Our waste supplier operates a ‘two tier sorting process’ to sift out materials that can be recycled. They then offer a ‘waste to clean energy’ solution rather than landfill.
In addition:
• We avoid excessive paper usage by carrying out all marketing, correspondence and registration electronically
• Our festival programme is printed on recycled paper
• We reuse old paper for printing drafts or writing another list!

Recycle bins at Dogstival festival.