Have a sniff through our FAQ’s, We’ve most things covered!

Where is Dogstival & how do I get there?

Dogstival takes place at Burley Park, Burley. If you’re heading down the A31 or from the north follow the Ringwood Road and postcode BH24 4BS.

Heading from the south, plumb BH24 4AB into your sat nav. You’ll come in a different entrance to help manage the traffic.

What are the event times?

Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd June. 9.30am – 5.30pm.

How can I purchase a ticket?

Tickets can be purchased through the Dogstival website or on the ticket gate. Although it’s cheaper to buy tickets in advance.

Please print your ticket and bring it with you to the event OR have the ticket on the smart phone so the QR code can be scanned

Do I need to pay for parking?

Yes as it’s not run by us. Parking is £4 per vehicle unless you are a Blue Badge holder then it’s free. Cash or card. Cash is quicker and easier.

Do you offer a disabled ticket?

Yes we do. Our disabled ticket comes with a free carer ticket. Please bring proof of disability on the day to show our gate staff.

Any of the following are accepted; a photocopy of your blue badge, or a letter from PIP of the DLA.

Parking is free for Blue Badge holders and we provide spaces with easy access to the event.

Do you sell VIP tickets?

Nope. Everyone is a VIP, especially all the dogs.

Can I buy tickets on the gate?

Yes, but they are more expensive than purchased in advance. If we have sold out then there will be no on the gate tickets as we have a maxiumum capacity at Burley Park.

On the gate prices are:

Adult Day £20

Kids Day 6-16 £12

Kids under 6 free

Disabled Day £20 includes free carer ticket

Family Day Ticket 2 adults and 2 kids £50

Are tickets refundable?

Tickets aren’t refundable unless there are exceptional circumstances. Please contact info@dogstival.co.uk

Do I need to bring my ticket with me?

Yes please. We don’t have secret powers. Either a printed copy or have the ticket email open on your mobile and we’ll scan you in!

What things should be aware of when bringing my dog?

It’s all common sense, but see our FAQ’s and Animal Welfare pages for more info.

Will there be a vet or first aid on site?

Of course, its mandatory and we want to make sure everyone is safe. Both dog and human medical help is located by the main ticket gate entrance.

Is there a cash machine on site?

Sorry, no. But our stallholders all take card or mobile app payments. If cash is your thing, you’ll need to bring it with you as Burley village doesn’t have an ATM either.

Is there camping at Dogstival?

Unfortunately not. But given we’re in the middle of the New Forest there are literally dozens of sites to pitch a tent or park up. Here’s a couple of useful links New Forest Camping | Caravan Parks – The New Forest and New Forest Campsites – England | Camping in the Forest

You can park a camper or motorhome in the car park for the day but there is no overnight camping.

Can dogs be let off the lead?

Only in designated areas of when taking part in a managed activity. These will be signposted. Otherwise, please keep you dog on a lead (it would be total chaos otherwise!) Please be careful if using an extendable lead, we don’t want lots of people tangled up!

What activities can be dog join in with?

Heaps! Take a look at our ‘Get Your Paws Involved’ page for information on everything. The K9 Dog Diving Pool is the only activity which is an additional charge as this is run by an external company.

Can I come in/out of the event?

Yes, no problem but make sure you get your hand stamped at the main ticket gate before leaving.

Burley is a quaint little village and worth sniffing out. Burley Wagon Rides are dog friendly and right next door if fancy a little local tour.

Are dog activities free?

Everything is free apart from the K9 Dog Diving Pool and the Fun Dog Show.

Can I bring an XL Bully to Dogstival?

From 1 February 2024 it is a criminal offence to own an XL Bully dog in England and Wales unless your dog has a Certificate of Exemption. If your dog has an Exemption Certificate (covering 3rd Party Public Liability insurance, neutering, and micro-chipping) you can attend Dogstival BUT your dog must be muzzled and on a lead at all times. Your dog will be unable to take part in any activity in a fenced off area that is an off the lead activity (these include both dog pools, flyball, scurries, scentwork and main arena group activities).

We would reccomend a basket muzzle where your dog can still drink, breath easily and take treats to avoid overheating.

As we would say to ANY dog owner, please be sure that your dog will enjoy attending an event that is busy with other dogs and humans. We take safety of our visitors and dogs very seriously so that everyone can enjoy our event.

Do you have mobility scooters for hire?

Am afraid we don’t, we have been unable to find a company to supply them. However, the ground is fairly flat at Burley Park and we get many disabled visitors in wheelchairs.

Can I bring my own chairs or picnic blankets?

Yes absolutely. We have lots of picnic benches and hay bales to sit on but you are also very welcome to bring your own

Can I bring a dog in season?

We wouldn’t reccomend it, as your dog will get lots of attention from other male dogs.

Is Burley Park Wheelchair Accessible?

Yes Burley Park is wheelchair accessible but it’s not 100% flat. The grass is short in most places but please do remember it is outside in a field with no tarmac!

Can I swap my tickets to another day just before the event?

Am afraid we are unable to switch tickets to another day at the last minute as we are on-site getting the event ready for everyone.

Activities at Dogstival

Activities at Dogstival are participate at your own risk, if you or your dog do not feel comfortable either with our own ability or your dogs please do not take part. This includes the splash pool, Barkour, agility, flyball and Lure racing

Can I Park a Camper or Motorhome in the visitor car park?

Yes thats fine, but not overnight

Can I come to Dogstival without a dog?!

Of course you can! We have lots of visitors who love dogs but can’t have one for various reasons.

How do I get in touch with Dogstival?

Contact email info@dogstival.co.uk

Can I switch my tickets to a different day at the last minute?

Am afraid we can’t. The team are busy on-site getting the event ready for everyone so we are unable to do last minute ticket changes

If there’s anything else we can help with then contact Dogstival HQ via info@dogstival.co.uk