Get your
Paws involved

At Dogstival the dogs are the stars of the show so we’ve created loads of activities for them to get their paws involved.

From giant diving & splash pools, agility, flyball or testing their scent work skills. We’ve even built a giant barkour playground for your pooch to explore.

Two dogs about to jump into a pool at Dogstival festival.

K9 Dog Diving Pool

The doggy water lovers this is paradise launching themselves into our giant pool

A dog swimming in a pool at Dogstival festival.

Dip & Splash

Cool off or take a quick swim in our Dip & Splash pool. It’s also the pawfect place for your pup to take their first paddle.

A dog running through a tunnel at an agility course at Dogstival festival.


Where dog and handler (that’s you!) work in harmony to navigate ramps, tunnels & other obstacles in the fastest time.

A small dog running through an agility course at Dogstival festival.

Puppy Agility

Designed for young pups, first timers or smaller breeds. All the bite sized fun of main agility for your pooch to weave around.

A dog running round an agility course at Dogstival festival.

Scent Work

We’ve created the ultimate test of nose power with treats for your dog to sniff out in our scent work challenge.

A dog running over an agility course at Dogstival festival.


A playground of fun for dogs to tackle. If your dog has good recall then they can responsibly be off the lead.

A dog running with a tennis ball in its mouth.

Scurry Village

From zipping over hay bales to sniffing out toys hidden within the four scurry courses. A test of speed, memory and scent work.

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