Posted: 16th Aug

Pets As Therapy (PAT) is a National Charity founded in 1983 by Lesley Scott-Ordish. PAT believe that no one should be without the companionship of animals whatever their circumstances. Pets As Therapy connect temperament assessed dogs and cats and their volunteer owners with children and adults in establishments such as schools, care homes, hospitals, hospices and prisons. The volunteer and their pet provide supporting reading services or welfare visits to children and adults who enjoy or are comforted by the presence of a dog or cat.

Pets As Therapy have over 5,700 registered volunteers throughout the UK.

Volunteers give as much time as they can to their visiting, there is no minimum! Visiting can take place during the working week daytime, early-evening and indeed weekends and should always be appropriate to both the volunteer and the establishment they will visit.

Our therapeutic visits:

Enhance lives in our communities by providing companionship and friendship and helps to tackle loneliness.

Improve the lives of people suffering from debilitating mental and physical health conditions and illnesses such as Autism, Dementia and Stroke by including animal assisted interventions as part of a holistic approach to treatment.

Improve literacy in children by developing their confidence, interest and enjoyment in reading through our read2dogs scheme.


Amazing Day Out

Amazing day out! My dog had the best day, there was so much space we didn't feel like their paws were getting on top of each other. My dog was relaxed and enjoyed the whole day lots of great treats and every dog was so lovely they all got along great which was amazing! Great drinks and food for us pawrents too. Can't wait for next year

Nikkita Drake


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